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Suree began her professional film career as an artist-in-residence teaching hospitalized children at Snow City Arts in Chicago, IL.  In 2003, she began teaching Filmmaking in degree-seeking programs at the university level and has since written and taught dozens of courses in traditional, online, and intensive courses in the United States and Cuba.  Suree is currently Assistant Professor in Video Production at Metro State University Denver. Aside from her work in higher education, Suree works with youth (in collaboration with schools and programs), develops organizational training curriculum, produces targeted media campaigns, teaches master-classes, workshops and intensives with Indigenous communities, youth, and organizations working in environmental, social justice, and human rights arenas.

Suree believes deeply in authenticity and principles and practices that prioritize inclusion, equity, and diversity in the field and classrooms. She stays current on pedagogical approaches and curriculum to ensure that all feel welcome and that students see themselves represented in the curriculum, and is comfortable facilitating lively and respectful discussions on complicated subject matter. Suree prioritizes mentorship and enjoys builds learning communities and relationships that continue beyond the course or program. 


The best courses are run like a successful film project: with respectful collaboration; a clear and central throughline; creative vision and entertainment; and ultimate focus on the end goal.  Like a director on a film set, a teacher must adapt to the energy of the class and be open to shaping material to engage all types of learners. 


Every student has value in the classroom and expressing passion for film is infectious. From 4 to 85, Suree teaches all ages in between.

Suree is eternally grateful to those teachers and artists who helped shape her foundation in film, including: her classmates and students, Michael Rabiger, Herb DiGioa, Russell Porter, Mehrnaz Saed-Vafa, Wenhwa Tsao, Paula Froehle, Haskell Wexler, and Debra White Plume. 

Please contact Suree for information on master classes, school programs, training workshops, and university courses. 

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