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Suree Towfighnia is an incredibly loving person and an extraordinarily talented filmmaker. Suree did an amazing job putting together important and engaging assignments that allowed me to grow as both an artist, viewer and community member. I was honored to watch her publically broadcasted feature documentary and be able to discuss the production process with her in class. I found the presentations she put together to be informative and helpful, specifically the one’s on editing, composition, and her experiences of being a non-fiction documentary filmmaker.
Mediaworks 2017
I appreciate having to flex my brain so much. Professor Towfighnia asked a lot of us when it came to reflecting on the films and clips we watched, and I liked having to dig deep and really think about things. I haven’t had a class in a while that required a lot of thinking.
Mandella E. / Student
Introduction to Documentary Writing (ASU)
Since 2002, I have worked on documentary films, youth education and outreach initiatives with Suree.
She takes her time to get the story right and is thorough.
Debra White Plume / Oglala Lakota
Owe Aku / Bring Back the Way Director
You are the best Professor I have ever had.
The reason is simple, your passion, and genuineness...
Michael D. / Student
Introduction to Documentary Writing (ASU)
Suree is both fierce and friendly. She is confident, driven, and accomplishes what she sets out to do. Her energy is tough to match--even among media-makers-- and when everyone else is exhausted or sleeping, she's still up, working without complaint. I have nothing but respect for her abilities and nothing but admiration for her work and the way she goes about making it.
Courtney Hermann / Collaborator
Boxcar Assembly
The thing the surprised me the most was how rewarding the process was...that I could actually pull it off as well. I wasn't sure if I had the capacity for it, but I think maybe I do.
Brandon S. / Student
Introduction to Documentary Writing (ASU)
Suree was instrumental in the production of the very first organizational video for Chicago Run.  Her ability to communicate our vision on camera and to engage with the subject matter and characters, makes her truly stand out from other video producers. Not to mention the amount of money we've been able to raise as a result of her videos.  We highly recommend Suree to partner with your organization as she has a true love for people, social impact, and philanthropy. 
Alicia Gonzalez / Client
Executive Director,  Chicago Run
I have worked with Suree for over a decade. She is a creative thinker with a clear focus on each project's particular goal. She cares about her clients, takes the time to get to know them, and strives for perfection on each project. Working with her is like working with a loyal and reliable friend. 
Stacy Laiderman/ Client
Suree is an amazing filmmaker. I've had the pleasure to work both with and for her, and I've never been disappointed. Working with the footage she shot in post, I can say that she's an amazing cinematographer that uses both her technical knowledge and fearless attitude to get the shot that is needed- making everyone's job easier. 
Maria Layus / Producer & Editor
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